Kristin Mierau

[image] Kristen Mierau

I have created an extensive portfolio for view at Studio Mierau. I am currently co-owner of Studio Mierau and have the opportunity to work daily with some of the most incredible people of Orcas Island and beyond. My primary forte' in the salon is hair design/color, and special occasion styling.

I believe that hair is an accessory, you should treat it like your favorite outfit (you wear it everyday). Invest in yourself, if you look good, you feel good.

Part of my initial business on Orcas was establishing "go to" wedding services. Having a personal stylist traveling to the bride and her party for cosmetic and hair styling services allowed me to meet and work with some very fascinating people and personalities.

I am originally from Minnesota. Graduated from Rushford High School, attended St. Cloud State University and studied applied psychology and human relations as a double major. I spent summers on Orcas Island and fell in love with the island and it's people. I moved to the west coast and attended cosmetology school. During my cosmetology training, I was student council president and captain of the Design Team. I participated as an educating assistant for the International Beauty Show '97 in Seattle, WA. I posess a myriad of certifications from various educational industry classes and forums. I moved to Orcas Island to start my career.